infant cot Infant cot

Travel documents, special assistance, moms-to-be, children and pets: Find out how to better organize your trip.

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  • Make sure you have all the necessary documents required by Italian law and by the law of the country the child is traveling to. Children under the age of 14 may, as long as they are in possession of their own identification document, travel with persons who are neither their parents nor legal guardians, while children between the ages of 14 and 17 years of age may travel without an accompanying adult.

    Children with an Italian document must have one of the following documents: Identity Card valid for international travel , valid for travel within the EU or to a country with a bilateral agreement with Italy. Choose your destination to find out if a bilateral agreement is in place Individual passport: Minors with a document proving another nationality not Italian must check on the website of the embassy or consulate in the destination country.

    Print the certificate , fill it out and give it to a Flight Attendant on board.

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  • The captain will be happy to sign it and make it "official". Sala Young, at Rome Fiumicino airport Terminal 1, open daily from Up to 2 years - baby food including lean meat, vegetables, fruit and dessert From 2 to 12 years old - complete meals including hamburgers, packaged sweets and sandwiches More information on, and booking of, special meals STROLLERS Strollers for young travelers: Strollers are sent free of charge to all destinations and for all travel classes when traveling with a child up to 11 years of age.

    You can book a seat for young travelers that includes the same weight, size and quantity of baggage allowed for an adult ticket, plus the stroller the same conditions apply to children from 2 to 11 years of age. In any event, the presence of the child must be indicated when booking the ticket of the accompanying adult. Some long-haul flights offer on-board bassinets, for children less than 76 cm long and weighing no more than 11 kg, which can be requested when booking.

    For operational reasons, this service might not be guaranteed on board, even if booked. In this case, the child must travel in the adult's lap. Excludes Cagliari, Genoa and Trieste airports 3. Alitalia would like to inform you that children up to 2 years of age can also travel in an adult's lap in long-haul Business Class.

    Also, never coat a dummy with anything such as sweet liquids or sugar. And it comes after the charity's own research showed that more than one in three parents have, or intend to buy baby sleep nests and pods, despite 91 per cent of those surveyed saying that compliance with safer sleep advice is 'a very important consideration when buying a product'. Bed edge protectors and bolsters fabrics for decoration, for protection against drafts or protection in general are risky as they might impede breathing.

    The IATA therefore recommends the use of an approved restraint system CRS for travel and encourages airlines to promote their use on board. If you wish to book a seat for your child, you can bring your child safety seat CRS — Child Restraint System on board, as long as: Approved seals of approval include: Underage passengers traveling alone who are over the age for using the mandatory Unaccompanied Minor service can request the new "Voluntary Unaccompanied Minor" service.

    Additionally, only at Fiumicino Airport, younger travelers will be welcomed in the Alitalia Young Lounge. A colorful area full of toys devoted to children. The Young Lounge, located in the departure area of Terminal 1, is a square meter space where kids will find cuddles, fun and dedicated personnel accompanying them on board for a new adventure. The person accompanying the minor to the airport must remain at the airport until the flight boarded by the unaccompanied minor is airborne.

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  • Documents A photocopy of the identity document of the person accompanying the minor to the airport A valid travel document for the minor The Unaccompanied minor " AFFIDAVIT " form completed in full and, in the case of minors under 14 years of age on international flights For minors with a document proving their Italian nationality, for traveling abroad a Dichiarazione di Accompagno Declaration of Temporary Guardianship for Travel Abroad is needed.

    This should be signed by the parents or by the legal guardian and authenticated by the Questura and include the name of the airline to which the minor is entrusted.

    infant cot Infant cot

    The form is only available in Italian. For minors with a document proving another nationality not Italian , it is necessary to check on the website of the embassy or consulate in the destination country.

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    This service offers accompaniment during travel for children between the ages of: The service charges and airport and in-flight assistance are the same as those applied to mandatory Unaccompanied Minors.

    The service can be purchased for all flights operated by the Alitalia Group and the fee must be paid after the reservation for the entire itinerary has been confirmed. The service will also be guaranteed for connecting flights, even if, should a connection have been missed, Alitalia has to board the minor on a flight different from the one originally booked. Notes The Unaccompanied minors service cannot be booked online, but only by contacting the Call Center.

    For full details, please contact Special Assistance.



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