cot toddler bed john lewis Cot toddler bed john lewis
Consumers who own a RumbleSeat SKU , , , , , , manufactured between September and November , will be provided with new RumbleSeat adapters. Recalls can only be announced by government agencies. This potentially affected component was used in production batches sold between November 3, and March 22,

Thank you for your email however there are many parts that are simply not true in your answer. I am completely aware of the policy that if there are no one at home you leave the parcel with the neighbor- believe me you are not my first online order.

cot toddler bed john lewis Cot toddler bed john lewis

And when I called your call center so called customer care your customer care said that yes it was delivered correctly! And that I signed on it! Not only - that you requested from me to go and look for it! You will probably wake up when you will start to feel it in your monthly volume. So yes the package disappear who knows if the driver delivered it at the first place. I am waiting for a full refund - and will never order anything from your company or companies that are working with Yodel again.

But I do wish you good luck. Your goods as far as I concerned arrived to the wrong person who enjoys it now on my expanse I have one little boy that so disappointed he was really looking forward to it. I read about this awful company there are complaints about them in facebook there are 5 groups of members complaining about their services and yet you choose to work with them.

And am not sure if you continue to work with this company that you will have clients in the future.

cot toddler bed john lewis Cot toddler bed john lewis

Please refund me the money! On Sunday night June 10th I made an order for Beaumont castle and Beaumont knights I paid the higher fee for the delivery of 7. The driver delivered the parcel to the wrong address - wrong people though the parcel was required signature.

cot bed duvet cover mothercare

When I received a text that the package was successfully delivered - I called immediately to G. Again was promised that I will get an email from yodel about my complaint and again nothing!

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  • Also they are not sure themselves which address it was delivered GLTC are not really planing to solve the issue, the way they have been dealing with this so far is really mocking their clients. I am going to charge back the amount and to complain PayPal and escalate to ombudsman.

    I hope people will learn from my experience and will consider carefully before they are buying anything from GLTC.

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  • I have learned my lesson.



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