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True Romance, Tony Scott. Growing up on a Somerset farm, Milligan has assisted with the successful birth of numerous creatures. This skill has held him in good stead when present at the launches of UK Gold and five.

Brentwood, 15 May Maureen wife ; two children. St Martin's Secondary Modern School left at 15 with no qualifications other than a swimming certificate. Chief executive, London Launching Air Miles and Nectar. Crewed winning boat in the Clipper Round-the-World Race. Family; travelling; sailing; challenges. The old Hamlet ones. The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola. Anything by JRR Tolkien.

Anything by The Beatles.

Other signs include fussing, gaze aversion, unfocused glazed eyes and yawning. However, if your baby should need a feed or nappy change most babies will tolerate a wet nappy , keep this as low-key as possible and put her in her cot as soon as her needs have been met.

The man who put Nectar cards into the pockets of 12 million consumers has had a stellar career despite leaving school at Managing director, Times Newspapers.

A droll, low-key News International sales guru, Milner started as a sales executive on The Times in With his wife Camilla Rhodes see separate entry , Milner forms one half of a News International power couple. Kingston-upon-Thames, 8 May Roger and Josephine parents ; Suzanne partner ; Georgia daughter. Managing director, Mail on Sunday. Georgia Emily Miron, born 8 March Wentworth; Solus; Royal Tennis Club.

Seafood; other drivers; miserable people; shanking. Passion; humour; energy; golf. Outside the company, Delancey Street Foundation. Count with Maisy, Lucy Cousins. Gravel Pit, Wu-Tang Clan. Seen as one of the new breed at Associated despite having spent ten years there during the 80s and 90s, Miron is known as a tough negotiator and excellent motivator.

His energy at work is replicated on the golf course where he is trying to improve on his handicap of eight with golfing buddies including PY Gerbeau and Carat's Mark Craze. Dartford, Kent 7 July David and Joan Mitchem parents ; Neil Dawson partner ; two children. Sons; parks; books; swimming; Peter Jones. Unfinished Sympathy, Massive Attack. Villa des Orangers, Marrakech, Morocco.

Alongside her partner Neil Dawson see separate entry , Mitchem cuts a striking figure in adland. Chairman and executive creative director, Publicis. Moira has a wit and style which make him one of the industry's best-liked creative directors. Group chief executive, Emap. Islington born and bred, Moloney doesn't like to reveal too much about his private life.

Many observers say it was a near miracle that he escaped the Petersen debacle with his reputation intact. London, 16 February Edward and Iris Moran parents ; Janet Moran wife ; one son; two daughters. The Solus Club president Pan-European advertising; people who live in the past; misogyny.

Family time; golf; travel; reading; south-west France; languages speaking four ; Tottenham Hotspur FC. The Italian Job, Peter Collinson.

winchester cot bed toys r us Winchester cot bed toys r us

More Bullmore, Jeremy Bullmore. Anything by Frank Sinatra. The Datai, Langkawi, Malyasia. The lowdown A veteran networker, the ambitious Moran is another client who loves the perks of the ad industry. Progressive, good on a platform and a mean golfer, Moran's next challenge is to update the Solus Club.

His move to Thames Water was a surprise. The ebullient Morgan's controversial career has spanned price wars with the Daily Mirror's tabloid arch-rival The Sun, accusations of insider share dealing and a court fight with the grumpy supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Probably the only man who can deal with all of this and keep smiling. Joint chief executive, Publicis. Subtle and low-key, the thoughtful media man Morris is, at heart, a big-agency man - hence his decision to leave the start-up Unity for Publicis. Pauline and Alec Morris parents ; one son. Split between Devon and London SW Director of membership services, ISBA. I couldn't possibly say. My career here has been so varied - I have acted in a new-business capacity when director of marketing and communications, persuading advertisers to support the ISBA cause and being intimately involved in the group which developed the parameters of a new industry body, the DMA, to bring together direct marketing interests.

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  • I also represented the advertiser view in industry negotiations for world-first model contracts for agency relationships and best practice initiatives in pitching and briefing. I've then seen these initiatives adopted by sister organisations across the globe. Having my son must take pole position; also, being able to maintain balance and harmony in my life despite being a single parent who splits her life between the country and the city.

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  • Just one from my son for being the best mummy. No time, I'm afraid. Sorry, there's nothing I hate other than mashed potato. Passion; art; reading; growing vegetables to feed my family 25 varieties at the last count ; travelling; of course, life itself. Too many to single out just one. Jude the Obscure, Thomas Hardy.

    winchester cot bed toys r us Winchester cot bed toys r us

    Bubbly and effervescent, Morrison is something of an industry groupie who enjoys the company of its biggest cheeses. Usually hits top form at awards nights when the wine flows and her laughter is infectious. Falkirk, 4 January Group development director, Ogilvy Group Holdings. I pay 40 per cent tax.

    Pride comes before a fall. In people, insincerity; in life, injustice. In people, guts and intelligence; in life, my wife; good food and wine; anything on American politics. In business, Mike Dodds, a great leader. He runs OgilvyOne's BT business. If I were a client, I'd insist he work on my account; in life, my wife for doing a tough job and never losing her sense of humour. The Leopard, Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. Heaven or Las Vegas, Cocteau Twins.

    Number One, Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow. Also has a curious passion for tapas.

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  • Adelaide, South Australia, 11 July Denis and Lorna Muirhead parents ; Jeanne Meins wife ; three sons. Surviving for more than 30 years as a humble supplier of advertising; winning British Airways twice and being involved with its advertising through its successful privatisation in until now; helping to create and sell some famous global campaigns including 'Manhattan landing', 'Face' and 'PJ O'Rourke'; creating the 'the famous Porkinson banger' in together with the late Norman Parkinson and Paul Arden; winning back the Conservative Party in and then leading the advertising team that won the election against all odds.

    None, not even a thank you, but I'm not bitter. Thirty Club; fellow, IPA. Rugby; tennis; skiing; caviar; lamb chops; travelling to new places.

    The Shawshank Redemption, Frank Darabont. Hungarian Dances, Johannes Brahms. An affable Australian and Paul Hogan lookalike, Muirhead is the archetypal smooth account man with a client contact book to die for. His self-deprecating style belies a sharp brain. Immensely loyal to the Saatchi brothers. Sydney, Australia, 22 August Rupert Murdoch father ; Anna mother ; Matthew husband ; three daughters.



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