obaby cot bed screws Obaby cot bed screws

To ensure that your cot bed is used in accordance with these instructions, please read them fully. If, however you have any problems, please contact your Obaby retailer from whom you purchased your product, who will take appropriate action.

Your child s safety may be affected if you do not follow these instructions. A child s safety is your responsibility.

Do not use more than one mattress in this cot bed. Be aware of the risk of open fire and other sources of heat, such as electric bar fires, gas fires, etc. Do not use the cot bed if any part is broken, or missing and use only spare parts approved by the manufacturer, seek advice from your retailer or contact Obaby s Customer Care - or WARNING: Do not leave anything in the cot bed or place the cot bed close to an other product, which could provide a foothold or present a danger of suffocation or strangulation, e.

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  • We recommend you use the Obaby Mattress Size x 69cm for this cot bed. The thickness of the mattress chosen should be such that the internal height surface of the mattress to the upper edge of the cot frame is at least mm when the base is set in the lowest position and a minimum of mm when the cot base is set in the highest position. The mattress should be no more then 30mm shorter or narrower than the internal length or width of the cot bed.

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    One end of the cot bed has a mark indicating the height of the mattress. The thickness of the mattress used with this cot must not reduce the internal depth from mattress surface to top of side to less than mm with the base in the lowest position, or mm with the base in the highest position.

    Safety Warnings 3 To prevent injury from falls: As soon as the child is able to climb out of the cot then it should be changed into the bed mode for use up until 4 years of age.

    Children are likely to play, bounce, jump and climb on beds, therefore the child s bed should not be placed to other furniture or windows, and should be placed either tight to the wall or have a gap of mm between the wall and the side of the bed.

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  • All assembly fittings should be tightened properly and care should be taken to ensure that no screws are loose, as a child could trap parts of the body, or clothing e.

    Please be aware that the lowest base position is the safest and the base should always be used in that position as soon as the baby is old enough to sit up. To prevent injury from falls the cot bed should not be used as soon as the child is able to climb out.

    Why is this when you also state it is suitable for up to 4 year olds From: This guy Chris at Smartkidsstore was full of it.

    This cot bed should be assembled by an adult. Please note that this is a heavy cot bed which will be more easily assembled with the help of an assistant.

    A light application of a wax polish to the dropside grooves in the end panels will aid operations. From time to time, check your cot for loose screws, and worn parts.

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  • Replace or adjust the parts as needed. Due to constant updating and improvements, some components may occasionally differ slightly from the images shown in these instructions. We reserve the rights to change the specifications of any products without prior notice.

    If you need any assistance please contact your Obaby retailer from whom you purchased your product, who will take appropriate action.

    If you have any problems with your product before or after this date please see the retailer you purchased the product from. If you need any spare parts please contact the retailer you purchased the product from.

    obaby cot bed screws Obaby cot bed screws

    Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use.



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