mamas and papas alpine cot bed dimensions Mamas and papas alpine cot bed dimensions

Joseph with 'he Vandalia Hy. August and Septem ier, daily trips remainder of season, and tri-weekly f and from Milwaukee. Service flrat class, i'are lower than any rail routes. Chicago foot of Wabasb avenue. Milwaukee foot of Broadway.

They consist of best infant crib mattress a rubber outer shell that is filled with air instead of water. If u know anyone near ikea in dublin, they have a cabinet in the front with spare bolts etc There are simmons beautyrest recharge mattress adda plush over , foster children living in the United States, many of whom have entered care with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Through tickets on sale by Vandalia agent. Third later-national Conference Epworth League. For full particulars, call on or address any agent of the Wabaeb Kallroad or connecting. Lerrn for Bttner t8: Arrive from Kffner i7: Time Table, In eSeot June 20, Ho- 5 Datly ex.

Solid trains between Peoria and Sandusky md Indianapolis and Michigan. Imt there are Reneral types recognized by tho best players us most suitable- for curt;. The club which fiooms to be noiuins greatly into vogue at present is the poi. Its Jnuin advantage seeing to lie in the face that n man who puts off tho right leg can stand more over his ball, thereby getting better control over it aud at tho saiut-tiiut'.

The appearanoe of the outline of the bead regarded from above or below is almost circular, the head having a breadth equal to if not greater than its length, its diameter being, if anything, more than 3 inches. The club is intended to be used for approaching or playing out of difficult or deep lies occurring at any point of the game. Its most striking characteristic is its weight. The result attained by this club is caused ratb- er by the momentum of the head itself than by the muscular sweep upon which the lighter clnbs depend.

An English soientist advances some plausible theories. The average force exerted is about three tons weight. After a long technical explanation the scientist arrives at the conclusion that there is something else besides mere speed and elevation required if all the ordinary facts of long driving are to be simultaneously accounted for.

The sole additional consideration to which we can have recourse to help us Dalfr. When wo fasten one end of a long untwisted Wipe to tho bull nnd the other to the ground and then induce a good player to drive the bull perpendicularly to the tape into a stiff clay face a yard or two off, we find that the tape is always twisted iri such n way as to show under spin, and proving that the ball takes from one to three turns in sis feet.

In this connection it is interesting to noto that years ago Newton, speaking of a tennis bull—and the remark is equally applicable to u golf bull—says, "A circular as well as a progressive motion being communicated to it by that stroke, its parts, on that side where the motions conspire, must press nnd beat tho contiguous air more violently than on the other and there excite u ruluctancy and reaction of the air proportionally greater.

His whole body goes into his swing He is not very large. The most remarkable thing ho does is to approach his brassy shots through tho green. Every golfer knows that in playing a moderately long hole, say one of yards, a successful drive of yards, if properly played, with the advantage of a good lie, would be followed by a brassy shot of, say, 1GO yards, within a short approach shot of the hole, and that then a pood push would makethe hole in 4.

Whighara's habit is to follow his drives of yards with a brassy shot he often, indeed, uses his driver through the green of another yards, approximately, which he directs with such marvelous accuracy that it falls dead to the hole, and he puts it in in 3.

He thus saves bis approach shot. Clark of the Boston Athletic association recently won the individual all around athletic championship of the United States from a field of eight on the grounds of the Xew Jersey Athletic club at Bergen Point.

Tou can see -what a strong, healthy looking girl Marion is. Now, this is all because she is never idle, for although she studies real hard she takes so much exercise and does so much work lor her mother that she is never sick. Everything she does is done in real earnest, just as she is swinging those clubi now.

But now wise folks, doctors and such say that swinging clubs and going through a lot of exercises, that they give a great long name to that you never could pronounce, is good to keep people when they grow up from being round shouldered and having perhaps consumption and such things. And I suppose they are right. How Jumbo Saved it life. Animals are funny things, especially elephants.

You never know when you are sure of thera. Some are kind all their lives, as old Jumbo was, and some are kind part of the time, but break out at last, and some are just born cussed. That little fellow that Jumbo died to save from the train was just a natural born comedian, and when be was about four feet high he attracted more crowds to see him raise Cain than all the others with their learned tricks. How the children did love him, and how he loved them!

There is no doubt about it, he did just love them. Louis—the children were riding him," says an old showman, talking for the Philadelphia Timen, "and he was carrying them up and down along a sort of road, with the crowd on either side to see him do it. With his load on bis back he was coming swinging at a good, round pace up to where he discharged his cargo, when a tiny tot of about 4 years, a pretty little girl-, wriggled away from her mother's hand and started to run across in front of the advancing Jumbo to joiti a little friend opposite.

Her foot tripped, and down she went, right under the elephant's feet. Well, the crowd turned fuint in a moment, expecting to see tbe child maahed; but, quick as a wink, thai noble old beast, going full tilt, whipped his trunk around that child and landed her, safe and sound, np to the -mahout on his head. Say, I can hear the cheering yet.

There is many an old showman who takes half a day in New York to go and have a look at Jumbo's skeleton up in the park. The first is known as the trapeze trick. Any ordinary gymnasium trapeze, susponded ring or even a rope awing may be used.

mamas and papas alpine cot bed dimensions Mamas and papas alpine cot bed dimensions

Have the boy whose nerve ig to be tested stand upright under tbe trapeze, and then some of the other boys let it down until the rung, or swing board, just brushes the hair. Now let some one pull the trapeze -well over to one side and give it a sharp throw in the direction of the itaading boy. Another simple test is performed with a mirror and is amusing alike to boys and to girls.

Have all the party ge to the top of a flight of stairs. He will stumble and step high, aad if be dares to walk downward at all it will be with many laughable stops. Tight shoes cast off in favor of an old and worn pair wherein tho tortured toes may spread themselves are something like corsets and no corsets, but they are so much smaller that naturally the relief cannot he as great. A person cannot be always dressed up, and there are times when even the grasshopper is a burden, no matter bow anxious the wearer may be to earn admiration.

We do admire beauty' set 05 by fine clothes, but we should often admire the sweet and lovely maidens still more for their endurance and fortitude if we knew just what tortures they were smilingly bearing for the love of their corsets.

Smoking is a factor in many health problems, and back pain is no exception. They say that only one of the three gases was tested for, only PVC vinyl covered mattresses were tested, and that some of the results were skewed because of the perspective from which data was analyzed.

Still, as I said, the hour of even temporary relief calls for a specially designed gown. We have such gowns in the loose but graceful princess, with or without the watteau at the back, and half fitted or left entirely loose in the front. There are skirts worn with loose but dainty sacks, and there are the Mother Hubbards.

These last are not the despised things of other days, but newer and prettier and brought up to date by stylish trimmings. Sacks for the early morning or for that one delicious hour before it is time to dress for dinner, with the torturiue; corset put on with the brave attire, may be made of anything.

Crinkly crepon mado one very dainty one. I notice the revival of an old style and that is lace barbs, either black or write. These must be of real lace or a very close imitation. They are tied into a plain double bowknot, and this is fastened to the hair with diamond pins or amethyst ones, the Jong ends left floating down the back. There was a superb gown for a middle aged lady made of dark indigo grosgrain.

The skirt was plain, and the whole gown was in princess shape. The waist was cut away in tbe back to the waist line and was filled in V shape frith black velvet, edged by a very rich jet passementerie, ending in front and back with frog fringe. The velvet reached down in front, forming a simulated vest. Between the velvet was a smaller vest of white lace over the blue silk and a foil jabot and collar also of white lace.

For mountain trnvcl and general outing costumes where the wearer wants to be really up to date and also as stylish. Due was made of diagonal striped cheviot, the colors being gray and brown.

The skirt reaches but to the top of tbe stout laced boots. Knickerbockers of the same stuff fasten at the knees. There are no cumbrous petticoacs. The shape was a plain princess, and there were two pockets in the front: A uorfolfc jacket snic was in dark blue cravanette -waterproof. This was made with pockets and worn over a blue sweater. For each was a douMe waterproof short cape.

Alpine hats trimmed to suit the fancy appear to bo the favorites, though some young ladies affect caps with long peaks.

The boot a reach quite high and are preferably laced, as it resus the tired feet to the. A New York genius has discovered a now use for the tricycle, which may be of use to hunters when tlie wheeling is not too bad. Seating himself on the tricycle, he wheels gradually and cautiously to the feeding grounds of the shore birds.

His perambulating blind enables him to get within close range of tbe birds, and he thus gets good shots.

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  • The blind affords him an opportunity to got closer to the birds than any other method of stalking would. New oarlocks are being made with ball bearings.

    Of course they ave more expensive thun the old style, and as yet are applied to only the finest inake of boats. They cannot bo mado satisfactorily with the cheaper materials; hence the expense. They aro of brass, with three point bull bearing, case hardened steel wearing parts, and are of handsome appearance. They aro furuished in cither polished brass or nickel plated, as may be desired.

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  • It is said that M. Dwycr went over to Madden's stable recently half inclined to purchase Hamburg. Fortunately for Madden the colt had contracted a slight cold and was stiff and sore. Dwyer sulected another youngster, and didn't even ask Madden to put a price on Hamburg, The cold was knocked out by a resort to the steaming tub and an extra set of blankets, and four days later the colt captured one of the handsome prizes of the jear.

    Silver gilt spoons with flower handle!

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