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  • I 1 Filed Aug. It is a common objective of nearly all folding cots to provide rm and dependable leg support for the cot while it is being used, and at the same time easily operable means for collapsing the legs so that the cot may be compactly folded for transport or storage.

    It is a principal object and feature of this invention to improve upon the present art by more completely achieving these goals to make a safe and convenient cot. It is a further object and feature of this invention to provide for sturdy end rails and legs. It is a further object and feature of this invention to provide for simple, inexpensive and commercially practicable means to accomplish these objectives.

    Additional objects, features and advantages of this invention will become apparent from the following specitication and accompanying drawings, wherein: The cot C to be described as one example of a cot embodying this invention comprises two parallel side rails 7 and 8, each divided into two half sections 7a, '7b and 8a, 8b.

    The two sections of each rail are joined by two pairs of T-shaped brackets 9a, 9b and 10a, 10b, a bracket of each pair on each side of the side rails proximate to their ends. Each wing of the top portion of the pair of T-shaped brackets contains a pivot rivet or pin, 11a, 11b Fig.

    It comes complete with a mattress, making it more affordable. It is a further object and feature of this invention to provide for simple, inexpensive and commercially practicable means to accomplish these objectives.

    The stem of each pair of T-shaped brackets is firmly fastened to center legs 13 and 14 Fig. The side rails are fastened at each end to the leg 2,, Patented Mar. The two side plates extend upwardly and inwardly oneon each side of a side rail. A pivot pin or rivet e.

    The side plates of the end bracket continue upwardly and inwardly to bend toward each other and meetin an arch 26 Figs.

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    The material may be fastened by rivets, screws or an extension of the bed material or a separate apy may be looped over the rails and sewed to the cot bed inside the rails.

    Suitable cutouts are provided at the joints for clearance purposes. The side rails, end pieces, and center brace may be formed from any rigid material, for example, wood, plastic or metal; aluminum tubing is used in' one preferred form.

    The brackets may also be formed from any rigid material, for example, aluminum plate, galvanized steel or plastic. The pins and rivets may be formed conventionally, for example, from aluminum, steel or other suitable material. Any flexible and relatively inextensible material may be used to form the bed of the cot, for example, any canvas, cotton or plastic fabric. The end legs of the cot gain their exceptional stability by the cooperating combination of several design features.

    By this structure, the legs, e.

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  • Sb, if the end rail, eg. By this invention, two forces act to prevent this movement and secure the cot legs against the possibility of collapse while the cot is in use. Yet, neitherinterferes with the easy and simple folding of the cot when that -is desired. First, the weight of the user reclining in the cot, represented by arrow 25 in Fig.

    This tension acts directly to resist the outward movement of the end rails and, therefore, to stabilize the extended legs. But when the user gets up, this first force is immediately released.

    They are also great for relaxing and simply lounging around a campsite and even at home. I would choose it to win if I didn't have room to keep a cot up all the time in my nursery.

    Second, the use of a bed material which is inextensible, relative to the outward movement that the end rail experiences when the legs of the cot are folded, also secures the end rails when the cot is erected, if, at the same time, the pivots around which the end pieces swing at each end of the cot, e.

    This is accomplished in this invention by fastening the fabric 23 to the side rails substantially as shown in Fig. Thus, when the cot is being used, the legs cannot be folded or collapsed, the bed material will hold them securely extended. Yet, when the user gets up from the cot, the side rails can be easily pivoted into a folded 3 position, and the legs can then be folded since the pivot points, c g.

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  • Ztlb and 2lb and end rails 16h and 17b have been moved closer together and the bed material loosened by the folding of the side rails and the end rails have, therefore, been allowed to move outwardly around the -pivot points.

    The combination of these two features gives the cot legs a stability and dependability coupled with complete ease of folding and simplicity of manufacture. The stability of the legs and the dependability of their being retained in an extended position is increased by the new one-piece construction of their end pieces which integrally joins the legs and rail at each end of the cot, The cot legs cannot collapse while in use. But at the same time, the cot may be conveniently folded by the following steps.

    folding cot bed Folding cot bed

    The user must first yget oi the cot. The side rails are then partially folded at the center, as shown in Fig. The tension on the end rails thus released, the legs are folded upward and inward to lie adjacent to the side rails. The folding of the side rails is then continued, until the cot is substantially completely folded as shown in Fig. The invention is not limited or intended to be limited to the specific cot that has b-een described as an example of one embodiment of the invention.

    Many variations are possible and within the scope of the claims, as will -be obvious to men skilled in the art.

    folding cot bed Folding cot bed

    What is claimed is: In a folding cot as per 2, legs supporting said pair of side rails substantially halfway along their lengths and a generally transverse bracing member spacing said last-named legs and side rails apart.



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