extra long my cot portable travel bed Extra long my cot portable travel bed

Child care nap time stacking cots, sleep cots for daycare and traveling with children.

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  • How can you use a Nap Cot for Toddlers? For babies, sleeping in their own bed is important to them and helps them get a good night's sleep. A nap cot can be used as a transition bed from their crib to a big bed, as a travel bed when staying in hotel rooms or visiting relatives.

    If your toddler has been using their nap cot at home for a while before your trip then they will feel safe and secure in their nap cot when sleeping away from home. Travel beds for toddlers can also be used when the family goes camping. They are portable, easy to transport and set up in a tent environment.

    Camping Spare bed for toddler sleepovers Daycare bed So you have decided that a portable toddler bed is just what you need? Undoubtedly, the future will see more of the tent cots introduced into the market.

    Nap cots and mats are great for daycare, pre-school and kindergarden. Great for the toddler in your own home, grandma's house, daycare, sleepovers and more. This portable bed cot is something your child will love taking a nap on or sleeping on all night.

    It is super portable rasied on a folding steel frame and a lightweight design.

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    There is a machine washable fitted sheet in matching pink color included. A deluxe version of the Regalo My Cot which has a washable fitted sleeping bag with removable pillow included. These toddler nap cots support children up to 75 pounds. Has a reinforced canvas bed liner.

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  • Use these portable kids sleep cots indoors or outdoors. Recommended for ages 2 and up. This is a kid's dream because they will know where they will nap or sleep whle they are away from their own bed.

    Parents love how flexible and portable the Foocot is. Setup the cot in the new location and this will give your child a secure and early sense of where they will sleep, making bedtime or naptime much easier. This is a portable cot for kids that is perfect for travel, special occasions, sleepovers, hotels, camping and play. Has two side storage pockets for things like flashlight, book, toy, etc.

    When not in use it can be easily folded up to a fraction of its size for storage inside its convenient carry case, which can even fit in a standard sized suitcase, making it ideal for trips. If you are a family that moves a lot, this will become frustrating at times.

    These nap time stacking, interlocking, space-saving kiddie nap cots are ideal for daycare centers, camp, emergency shelters. Each one of these toddler cots measure 52" W x 23" D x 5" H.

    Constructed with 16 gauge powder-coated steel poles, sturdy plastic corners and a washable fabric that fits tightly to the corner with minimal gaps. Available in single cot, 4-pack cots or 5-pack cots in multiple colors that kids love. Sheets sold separately 10 year limited manufacturer's warranty.

    extra long my cot portable travel bed Extra long my cot portable travel bed



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