cot bed travel Cot bed travel
This cot is so easy to put together and take down, it can be done in a matter of minutes. For the older toddler my 'tent' can be a castle den or space capsule.

Manufacturers of outdoor, mountaineering and survivalist gear use cutting edge fabric, design and manufacturing technologies in their products. Baby products manufacturers generally don't.

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  • So when Nomad - one of the top brands in outdoor gear - make a travel bed then you know it's a top quality product. Which is why it has received such rave reviews, e. Mumsnet With the average 'Travel Cot' weighing in at between 8 to 18kg! Whether you are going away to stay overnight or if it's just a day trip visit to friends, family a hotel or even the beach it will double as a Travel Playpen as well as a Travel Bed.

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  • The waterproof groundsheet means you can use it outside in the garden and the mosquito net will keep the insects and cats out. Or perhaps you're the Grand Parents with a little one coming to stay, you want to have everything needed but without filling your house with clutter. Suitable from birth to four years the Nomad Travel Bed is a comfortable, familiar place for any child to snuggle down.

    For the older toddler my 'tent' can be a castle den or space capsule.

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  • For you it just works, it's easy. Easy to erect about 5 mins Easy to put away stuff sack provided and no fiddly bits to lose. Easy to carry about 2.

    cot bed travel Cot bed travel

    Easy to put in the car very compact. To see how easy watch this short Instruction Video For daytime space saving convenience it can be partially dismantled in seconds to fold flat against a wall, or move easily through doorways between rooms without having to take it completely apart.

    The standard UK size for cot mattresses is 60 x cm, but if you have purchased or inherited a cot from the US or elsewhere, check the mattress size required before purchasing. We can return the cotbed once we're finished with it, so no need to find a new home for it. The mattress should also still be firm and flat to keep your baby sleeping safely.

    And it will last! Note some colours are in cotton others in ripstop polyester. One of the side panels and the top panel can be left open or zippered shut and there is even an external pocket for storage.

    cot bed travel Cot bed travel

    It isn't that we have the wrong sort of sunlight, it's due to UK rules on how much UV reduction a fabric has to give before it can be sold as providing UV protection. A Self Inflating Mattress fits into a separate pocket in the base of the Travel Bed and offers superior comfort.

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