cot bed mobile Cot bed mobile

There must be no cords above the mattress at any time and all cords must be tightly secured with no slack. Rouse Alarm — this is a single beep from the Nursery Unit only which can rouse baby out of a deep sleep. If after a further 5 seconds there is still no movement detected on the surface of the mattress you will hear the: It is important to note that the Rouse Alarm and Main Alarm are intended to rouse baby out of a deep sleep pattern and although it may wake baby, this is an intrinsic part of the product that you have chosen to use to give you peace of mind.

Information about possible interference with other wireless devices Regulatory compliance for wireless Baby Monitors Baby monitors are required to comply with the relevant regulatory standards for Radio Frequency wireless devices and general consumer product safety standards.

Angelcare Baby Monitors sold in Europe are tested by independent certified product testing agencies. When Angelcare products are installed and used in accordance to the instructions if you have lost you manual you can download the most up to date version on this website , Angelcare Baby Monitors are completely safe to use.

Information about possible Interference with other wireless devices Wireless devices including monitors, speakers, WIFI internet systems and mobile phones can be prone to Radio Frequency Interference emanating from other devices.

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  • There are many wireless products available on the market and new wireless products are introduced regularly. In addition there are radio frequency emissions from various electronic devices like microwaves.

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  • Most of these wireless products are transmitting within a range of the 2. Although wireless devices including Angelcare Baby Monitors are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with applicable regulations governing radio frequency emissions, wireless transmitters and electrical circuits, they may still be subject to interference.

    Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Where charcoal barbecues are permitted by the local regulations, you may hire one direct from our representative; on other sites gas ones can be hired. Children's product safety non-profit, Kids In Danger is actively working to ban the sale of traditional crib bumpers in Illinois and throughout the country.

    If wireless devices are held in close proximity to Mobile phones, but more specifically GSM phones which operate with higher signal strength for long range communications, this may affect the operation of short range devices such as baby monitors. We recommended to keep these devices e. This is one of the reasons why mobile phones and similar electronic devices are not allowed on airplanes and in hospitals due to the potential risk of short range wireless device interference.

    How to avoid Interference?

    cot bed mobile Cot bed mobile

    Angelcare Baby Monitors are designed to provide optimal performance when set-up and used according to the Instructions. However, due to increase in wireless products and systems found on the market today, some level of interference might occur.

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    To reduce or avoid such interference we recommend the following: Always read the Instructions carefully. Install and set-up the baby monitor in accordance to the Instructions provided with your product. Always keep your baby monitor parent and nursery unit away from other wireless devices Never place a cordless or mobile phone or other Radio-frequency emissions device microwave, wireless router or sound system in close proximity or in direct contact with your baby monitor parent and nursery unit If you would like to use the belt clip on the parent unit, please ensure your mobile phone is placed in the pocket opposite the position of the parent unit on your belt Make sure the batteries in the parent unit are fresh and fully charged for best performance use only NiMH rechargeable batteries If you still experience interference, please refer to your Anglecare instruction manual or get in touch with our Consumer Helpline.

    What safety standards apply to the Bath Support? As the Bath Support is not a storage container and is not used for the storage of any food or milk products it is therefore not required to be BPA free and has not been tested for such.

    Why does the parent unit turn off as I lift it out of the charging cradle? The most common cause is that your batteries are incorrectly inserted in you parent unit. This could occur when the units are moved location to another house or there is interference from another electronic device. The Reconnection process is covered in your Angelcare Baby Monitors manual Click here to download your answer as a PDF file Why does the monitor alarm as soon as it is set up?

    This happens as your Angelcare Baby Monitor is pre-programmed to monitor movement and sound as a factory setting. To change this simply follow the setting instructions in your chosen monitors manual. Monitoring more than one baby You can use a simple combination of Angelcare monitors for twins or triplets , or should your family consist of a newborn and older baby s , we can show you the best product combination for your needs.

    You cannot monitor twins in the same cot, the reason being that the Angelcare Sensor Pad is that sensitive it will pick up the movements from both babies.

    The Sensor Pad is designed to detect movement however it cannot differentiate which baby the movement is coming from. In addition to this you cannot use more than one Angelcare Sensor Pad in the same cot i.



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