cot bed insect net Cot bed insect net

Treated nets are recommended by the WHO for extra protection Suitability: Treating and re-treating any mosquito net Mosquito Net Glossary and Terms Homestyle Mosquito Nets Travel Mosquito Nets Strong, durable, and spacious nets with good air circulation making them cooler in hot climates, however heavier and bulkier than travel nets so better suited to more permanent and fixed locations.

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  • The size of the holes determines what size of insects are kept out and airflow and hence the temperature that the inside of the net reaches. Hole size is a compromise between comfort and blocking insects. The larger the holes, the more breathable the net, thus the more comfortable, but larger holes mean that more insects can get through and bite you. Smaller holes, while preventing almost all insects from penetrating to biting level, prevent air recycling, and are therefore much more clammy and hot to sleep in.

    Mosquito Net Treatment Some mosquito nets are treated with Permethrin or longer lasting pyrethroids like Deltamethrin or Durallin help enhance their protective qualities. Permethrin is a naturally found insecticide with an excellent safety record and has been used for decades. The pyrethroids are synthetic insecticides, similar chemically to Permethrin but stronger, longer lasting and able to resist being washed out.

    They are sometimes considered as "permanent" and able to last the life of the net. Permethrin and pyrethroid net treatment is recommended by the World Health Organisation and has three key benefits: Pyrethroid treatments can last a couple of years and numerous washes before any re-treatment is needed.

    A Permethrin treatment lasts approximately 6 months depending on net storage and use. By using a re-treatment kit , you can ensure your Mosquito Net is always protecting you.

    So my advice to you is pack loads of food and snacks. This is particularly handy when vacuuming around the cot, when you need to shift it out of the way in a hurry or stow it free-stands on its feet when folded. The other document KR describes a safety locking device for a roll-type insect screen is provided to securely and simply fix a roll-type insect screen and to easily replace components.

    Most come with their own small stuff sack so are easy to store or pack. Fit easily in luggage or rucksacks. A Box Net provides easily the largest volume. There is plenty of space to stay cool, and sufficient room to move around.

    A Bell Net is easier to erect, and provides only slightly less space due to the spreader and extra height. A Wedge Net is smaller still, with little space at the base of the bed. They're much smaller and easier to pack away, and there's still plenty of room around your upper body.

    The smallest nets are Dome or Self-Supporting nets.

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    They have less space and are built primarily for travellers in need of a versatile and low-weight net. Mosquito Net Fabrics Mosquito Netting is usually made from polyamide nylon , polyester terylene or cotton.

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  • Cotton is not widely used now on account of low tear strength and low resistance to damp and mould. Despite this, cotton, due to the "hairy" nature of cotton thread, works well at blocking insects and is very resistant to degradation by UV sunlight. Polyamide and polyester nets are the most common net material nowadays having very high strengths, low weight and high resistance to damp or humid conditions. Recently, nets from monofilament threads have begun to appear on the market.

    cot bed insect net Cot bed insect net

    These are cheap to produce but have a lot of disadvantages and are not recommended. The net structure is easily damaged and distorted making irregular and potentially insect large holes, also they do not hold permethrin treatment well.

    They can be recognised by an appearance similar to knitted fishing line.

    cot bed insect net Cot bed insect net



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