cot bed gro to bed Cot bed gro to bed
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What age should I move my child from cot to bed? Opinions differs on when you should consider the transition. The suggestions range from 1.

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  • For us, the decision was made to do it now, because it makes the most logical sense for it to happen soon, for the following reason: What I mean is, if you try the big bed for a week or two and your child is still really unsettled, then perhaps they are not ready. What type of bed should my toddler move into?

    He really looks forward to seeing the moon on his clock at bedtime and the sun in the appearing in morning. I think I would. The fabric on the inside is lovely soft red cotton, while the outside is made from cosy fleece.

    Many parents these days are opting to purchase cot beds like the image shown here , with the knowledge that these will perform a dual purpose and last until your child is around 5 years old. So is it worth skipping straight to an adult sized single bed?

    For the most part, in the British climate, you will need a 2. When I first saw the photos, I had visions of my toddler wriggling down inside the bag, getting stuck and over-heating. Now he has never been the best sleeper and is constantly kicking off the sheets, which leads to shouting in the middle of the night for his duvet to be replaced, I just knew the Gro-to-Bed was going to change our sleep for the better.

    Your toddler has been used to having railings holding him in place if he rolls over to the edge of his cot, and they will need time to adjust to losing this security. When three becomes four… Frequently, the main reason for moving a toddler out of the cot, is in preparation of baby number 2. In our household, this is also a secondary reason for moving our little boy very soon.

    This seems to be one area which all of the expert advice agree on. Do not move your toddler out of the cot immediately before or after the arrival of baby number 2. Obviously, they will feel as though they have been evicted for the very reason of making room for the baby, and this will no doubt lead to resentment. If the age gap is small and you wish to delay moving your toddler for as long as possible, then you will have a few months after the baby is born when they will be sleeping in their Moses basket or crib, so you can use this time a couple of months after the baby is born to transition your toddler out of the cot.

    Often even these angelic children can suddenly need their mummy or daddy to sit at the side of their bed until they fall asleep.

    cot bed gro to bed Cot bed gro to bed

    Just roll with it for a week or two, and then try some gradual retreat sleep techniques to remove yourself from the room. Remember that your child now has the newfound freedom of being able to climb out of the bed.

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  • You can also expect a few bumps in the night as your little falls out of bed. Expect to be woken up with a few shocked tears from your child, and you will need to go to them during these episodes, and reassure them so that they are not afraid to get back into their bed.

    Other tips and tricks: Your child will now be able to get out of bed as and when they please, so you need to ensure the room is totally toddler proof.

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  • All cupboards should be fixed to the wall or floor, electrical cables should be tucked away etc. Once your child is potty training, you should remove this to allow them access to the bathroom at night. Good luck with yours!



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