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He had a cot bumper but started going under it when he started sitting up in his sleep so it was just too much of a worry incase he got right under it it didn't tie on on the bottom anyway what did U use a duvet and the little baby pillows? What else can U put in a crib to fill it and make it cosy but not dangerous? I over think everything and worry alot! We put nothing in his cot when he was going to bed.

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  • We did put a couple of stuffed teddies in there when he woke early in morning to give us an extra 30 minutes in the morning. As it was summer and warm he did not need blankets.

    He did not have a bumper and seemed very content. Thrre was a mobile above his cot which he could not reach when standing up.

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  • I bought a bumper before she was born but have never used it as she likes to grab, tug and eat things, particularly dangerous things lol shes a right devil. Erica will play with the toys in the morning to amuse herself before waking us up which is sweet. I think the toys also help her to not feel alone as she is now in her own room. Go with what u feel is best and risk assess it according to how u think lo will be with them.

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    U know ur lo best. Trust ur instincts xx 1 like smiler 4 years ago Our little one is 11 months old. He has his fitted sheet, dummy and ty beanie in the cot when he is going to sleep. He also has a projector next to his cot, it was attached but he kept pulling it off.

    cot bed comforter Cot bed comforter

    Once he is asleep I cover him in a blanket. At the end of his cot there is a small sideboard with toys on. He helps himself to these in the morning. He has a pillow and duvet put away which I think I will pull out once it's colder and he is at least one year old. It's normal to panic and overthink things, we're mummy's and that's our job. Just do what works for you guys Hotdiggitydog 4 years ago My baby has always had teddies at the bottom of his cot.

    Nowadays he has a wraparound breathable bumper He has his teddies, blanket and now for a couple of weeks has a pillow.

    He loves pillows and moves around so well on his own, he is fine with one. He is just over 11 months x cheekymonkey 4 years ago My LO is 11months and he just has a comforter, a muslin and sleeps in a bag. He has a suspended hammock above cotbed in the corner which has most of cuddly toys are in he can reach to get them down and I prop some of them up on the back wall.

    He has always been a very mobile baby so I don't see it as clinical I see it as safe and minimalist lol. We didn't use the bumpers cos my eldest wriggled under them and we didn't put anything else in the cot cos we wanted them to know that the cot was for sleeping in and not playing in.

    When they where around 18 months they had a pillow and a 4 tog quilt around the time their cot was converted to a big boys bed , they picked a teddy around 2 although I regret giving them teddys now cos they have so many. We will be doing the same with LO when he arrives in December cos that worked for us Maybe without the teddies tho lol.

    If your LO is sleeping in the cot without any major problems I wouldn't worry, the little nic nacs to go in cots aren't necessary and may have to be romoved as they can become a distraction or a safety issue. I used to put her in grobag also the.

    Browse our range of wool baby bedding for sale to help your baby sleep better. Remember when putting baby to bed, its important to use the feet to foot position.

    Sometimes I am the one in her cot while she is in my bed! I dont have a duvet in her cot yet i dont think her wriggly self would appreciate that, so I plan to put her in fleecy sleep-suit once the winters approach and see from there what else is needed I wont worry much about the cot-bumper if your cot is the one with railings as opposed to boards and if your bub is able to move around and lift his head.



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