cot bed bumper Cot bed bumper

Share this article Share Charities said parents should keep cots clutter-free to reduce the risk of cot death and warned against using bumpers for babies under one-year old. The Lullaby Trust, the safer sleep baby charity, said they do not recommend using them at all as they are not necessary. Preston Brian, aged nine months, was found dead in his cot on September 11 by his distraught parents 'I didn't know what to do. It was like my world had come crashing down before me. Preston's mother said his two siblings have struggled to cope with losing their young brother 'When I walked in, I looked over to the cot and saw Preston just lying there, motionless, entangled in the bumper I just turned to Cuc and broke down in his arms.

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  • The results of a post-mortem examination carried out to establish the cause of death are not yet known. Lisa said the cot bumper came with a small age warning that was written on the wash label, which she said was not clearly visible to her. The parents of Preston Brian have called for all cot bumpers to be banned in Britain after their son died after getting his neck caught.

    The Department of Health has information on how to reduce the risk of cot death. She would then wake herself up, and I was worried that she would end up hurting herself. Delivery service only available between Monday To Friday.

    Bumpers are tied to the railings to stop babies banging their head or getting their limbs caught in the railings file photo - this is not the bumper involved Grief: Lisa and her partner Cuchulain have launched a campaign to get cot bumpers banned in Britain 'All my friends used cot bumpers until recently with their children, my mum used them with me and my other siblings, there was no question about using a cot bumper. Lisa added that her other two children have struggled to understand the death of their younger brother.

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  • Bumpers are fabric linings fitted to the edge of cots to stop babies from banging their heads or getting their limbs caught in the bars. They are often attached to the bars using Velcro or are tied to them.

    Little knocks and bumps are of no real danger to baby, certainly not when compared to the dangers posed by the cot bumpers. Bumpers are fabric linings fitted to the edge of cots to stop babies from banging their heads or getting their limbs caught in the bars. Babies love being wrapped tightly to sleep.

    Parents have been urged not to use them for safety reasons to reduce the risk of cot death. However, there is no official advice in Britain against using them. The American Academy of Paediatrics said in that children can be killed by cot bumpers - and urged parents to remove them.

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  • People wrote that cot bumpers should not be used for children aged under one. Naturally, if you buy something for that purpose, you don't question the fact that it may actually be putting your children at harm.

    cot bed bumper Cot bed bumper

    Our safer sleep advice, to reduce the risk of SIDS, recommends that a baby should sleep in a cot or moses basket with no extra bedding or soft toys. Families can call

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