cot and bed difference Cot and bed difference

The difference between cot and cot bed is their size and durability. Cot beds are typically larger than cots and can be also used as child-bed since their sides can be removed.

However, cots cannot be used as child-beds. This is the key difference between cot and cot bed. What is a Cot?

cot and bed difference Cot and bed difference

A cot is a small bed that is designed for infants and young children. Many parents choose cots for their babies few months after the birth. During the first few months, parents place their children in bassinets, Moses baskets or their own beds.

Cots are more stable and larger in size and allow the baby more room to roll and move. However, once the child reaches two or three years he or should be moved to a junior bed or child bed to prevent injuries while trying to climb out of the cot. Cots are typically made with several safety measures and standards to avoid hazards like entrapment, falls, strangulation and suffocation.

Cots have barred or latticed sides; the distance between each bar should be somewhere between 1 inch and 2. Some cots also have drop gates — sides that can be lowered. Cots can be stationary or portable. Portable cots are usually made of light materials and some portable cots have wheels attached to them. What is a Cot Bed A cot bed is also bed that is specially designed for children.

A cot bed is typically larger in size than a cot.

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  • It is basically a wide long cot that has removable sides and a removable end panel. Therefore, cot beds allow more space for the baby to move about, roll and stretch. When the baby is old enough to sleep in a bed, the cot bed can also be converted into a child-sized bed since it has removable sides.

    Therefore, consider offering your baby a dummy at the start of each episode of sleep. King type bed inside a 12x12 feet bedroom How a Queen type bed looks in a 12x12 feet room. I don't see the point in spending money on lots of different beds and bedding!

    So it saves parents the hassle of buying two pieces of furniture. Cot bed is also a very wise investment since it can be used for a long time, both as a cot and a junior bed.

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    It can be typically used until the child is about 8, 9 years old; however, this may also depend on the weight of the child. What is the difference between Cot and Cot Bed? Cots are typically smaller than cot beds. Cot beds are typically larger than cots.

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  • Cots have barred or latticed sides. Cot beds have removable sides.

    It's an complete entrainment system for babies with the soft toy bar and vibrating mattress! Duvets and loose covers are more likely to cover a baby's face.

    Cots can be used until the child is two or three years old. Cot beds can be used as child-beds after removing the sides.

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  • Cots often have drop gates.



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