jamestown cot bed instructions Jamestown cot bed instructions

Wright to Oust T. Haeckcr et al to Lawrence E. Bush to Joseph Barde 1. White lo Mauley N. Horn 1 to Harry Jeaaie C. Ki'ickson to Everett v. Otefsen to Herbert V. Barber to Lillian B. Mortgages ' Gertrude Sampson to Clyde L. Wleks 1 to A-iWs it 1, Dunkirk, si m, ,. Ivofy t to Jaak C. Ransbury 1 to Lake ,,. Peglar to Wcstfield Savings Loan Ass'n. Swart 1 to May tie R. Robert Eriekson 1 to A. Kiglitlinger l s to A.

Bluckhorn to Jamestown Savings Loan Ass'n.

jamestown cot bed instructions Jamestown cot bed instructions

Baker i to Josephine D. Prosser to Hattie S. Moore 1 to William A, Sweet. I'roof ot Publication lo Assume Another Name. Of--Max Telfman to Mark Max ,. Noble to B Sutef. Niekersott to R Sake? Young, WUan I ' Baker 1 to Josephine D.

Niekersott to R Sake? Reason for extension is cos my baby boy is tall for his age.

Pier 1 to H. Spra- Adolph Freeburg et al to James gue. Federal Land Bank, ehrles W. Sline Melatosh fo J. Richard Nichols to Bertram: V, Proprietor U W. Interment of lean J. Tht t-ashel bearers were; Bernard Nowlekl. A n t h n n v und " talermeitl rollotved itt lhe family pint In AU.

At nes Supkosk , Mw. Nelson, 60 Durant Avenue, Jamestown, N. Greco, Parkview Apartments, Jamestown, N. Certificate of Assumed Name. Eidens, E'al- 'cohcr St.

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Their confirmation of oCt-reported wedding plans followed the divorce granted Bogart's third wife, the fonier Mayo Methot. Com pany--By Joe W. Swanson,' Sinclairville, New York. Japanese diplomatic personnel, including Ambassador Gen, Hiroshi Ostiima were in Seventh army custody today.

Between and' top Naz government officials were rounded up by Seventh army patrols scouring Austrian and Bavarian villages. In the latest batch were Dr. Walther Funk, ministtr o economics and president of the relchsbank; Dr. Wllhelm Ohnesorge, pos minister. Mltstthiko Komatsu, ,military attache to the Berlin embassy: Osamu Otanl and Yoshicada Michima, of the foreign office; Mldeo Kojima, naval at- tache nnd four newspapermen.

The Japanese party included em- aassy staff members and personnel from Berlin, France, Italy and the consulate-general at Vienna they had moved to southern Germany trim Berlin at the suggestion of the Hitler government.

Rcichsmarshal Hermann Goering, the Seventh army's catch to date, told Allied prize man at a second press conference yesterday that Hitler' personally s responsible for atrocities committed at concentration camps at Buchenwatd, Dachau and elsewhere. He said he didn't know what Hitler expected to gain from the brutailities practiced a t the camps. There were men in the service, in Italy and elsewhere, prisoners ot war in Germany and one member of parliament.

A, social science degree. She explained the sudden switch on the ground that she feared to tell the truth before now because the Nazi SS might take reprisal.

Now Frau Rommel declares thi desert 'fox was recovering trom his wounds near Ulm last Oct. Greluer New Yot-k city, an army interpreter, as'kcd her why Rommel consented to take the poison, she retorted that he was a soldier ani always followed 'orders.

Her son Manfred, however, is understood to have told his French captors that Rommel was given a choice between taking poison or being hanged publicly aftct a mock trial for complicity in the July 20 attempt on Hitler's life. Frau Rommel said the Nazis, falsely implicated Rommel in the Hitler plot because he warned- the fuehrer shortly after the Alliec invasion of France that further resistance was useless and recommended immediate peace negotiations.

So they chose him and it leaked out. Fifteen minutes later he still sat there, but he was dead and his i-ps were drawn downward in a smile ot. May, mo, it 2 o'clock In tho a f t e r n o o n , the house and lot it S'l W, Sixth. Utornoy-H i'or Hxuciuors I] hcstor Blclg-. CnckhnrB attended Cockbum the regular monthly meeting of J.

Carter Knapp Legion Auxiliary Tuesday evening. The Silver Creek auxiliary were fiuests. The county president, Mrs. Woleben of Brocton, made her official visit and gave an inspiring talk. A pleasant social time was enjoyed by all. Edwin Lawton entertained the following guests at dinner last Sunday in honor of Mrs. Thomas Summerlee 3f Forestville, Mr. Avery Mackey and Mr.

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  • Charles Chesbro has returned from Rhinehart hospital. Miss Mamie Green is caring for her. Wade Humphrey left Tuesday night for Madison, Wis. Baroso held at the Presbyterian church in Silver Creek on Saturday afternoon. Myron Roberts of Kalamazoo, Mich. Clark Green, who has been home on a furlough after several years service in Europe, left last week for Camp Dix expecting to go back to Italy.

    Shipment of all troops was cancelled and after a short furlough he will report in North Carolina Cor further assignment. F u n - eral was held from the Terwilliger Salzer funeral home Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock Rev. Burial was in Cassadaga cemetery. Many relatives and friends attended.

    Weston-super-Mare, England, is restricting hours of donkeys on the sands so they may get propei rest.

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  • I r osont "- Uve "I' 0 " compliance w i t h tho terms ot said decree. And those oC you who are under m. Uliautaiuiua County Surroga te'- Court dated May i.

    May 5, 13, 19, The new locomotive, named the "Triplex" succeeds the S-2 type which was the first direct drive steam turbine built in the United States. Novel features of the design'is two swiveling trucks, one -under the coal compartment and tihe other under the boiler, which allow the locomotive to take any curve which can be negotiated by a passenger train.

    The dimensions of the Triplex approximate the largest that car. The coal compartment wiK have, a capacity for 32 tons of fuel and the water tender will carry 21, gallons. Another cake, made at the same time from the same batter, was kept by her mother'and'the two cakes were cut at the same hour on the couple's wedding day --one in England and the other in Argentina.

    India has permitted drug manufacturers to again use paper for advertising. How would you suggest that I get into.

    There is a drawer below the cot. Yet the Cabots derived little benefit from the expedition, which their genius had suggested, and of which they alone had defrayed the expense.

    GO to the nearest office of the. They will give, you all the details of the government's apprentice training program. Apprentice training in most trades usualy requires about four years. It varies with the trade.



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