gro to bed cot bed duvet cover Gro to bed cot bed duvet cover
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  • But, like I said, his little climbing adventure made us worry about his safety, and so the bars came off his cot that very day. And of course, they revolutionised baby bedding with their multi-award winning Gro Bags, with sleeping bags now the norm for infants. The Gro To Bed is like a giant sleeping bag, keeping your child in place in their bed and preventing them from falling out when they move into their first proper bed.

    gro to bed cot bed duvet cover Gro to bed cot bed duvet cover

    They have several styles available, some gender neutral and some more typically gender specific. The bedding consists of a fitted sheet, with a sewn-on pillow case, and a duvet cover attached by zips. You can buy extra sheets. Our cot bed is right at the top end of the scale and it fitted fine. When I first saw the photos, I had visions of my toddler wriggling down inside the bag, getting stuck and over-heating. So I was pleased to see learn that the zips are just a small section of the side with the bottom loose.

    I will be honest and say it took Toddler a little while to come around to the idea of the new bedding. In fact, he hated it at first, was very reluctant to give up his sleeping bags and refused to get into his bed.

    Typical toddler — resistant to change.

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  • He fell out of bed a few times. I think this is because he was wriggling up out of the bedding. Naturally, I was a bit disappointed to start, but as Cardiff Daddy said to me, imagine how many times he would have fallen out without the bedding.

    gro to bed cot bed duvet cover Gro to bed cot bed duvet cover

    And he had a point! A few times when we had gone in to check on him, he was right at the edge of the bed, only being kept in place by the bedding. So it was definitely doing its job and we persevered.

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    The downside is the price. Have you used Gro to Bed bedding? What did you think? Do let me know on the Cardiff Mummy Says Facebook page , by tweeting me on cardiffmummy or in the comments below.

    Single bed size fits beds up to 90cm x cm. I look forward to letting you know how we get on next month. The set is recommended for age 2 years and up, the bedding set had been designed with zips to keep the duvet in place and help to prevent little children from rolling out of bed.



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