cot bed duvet cover Cot bed duvet cover

Our panel of mum testers loved that this anti-allergy duvet had the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval — great for babies that suffer with allergies or asthma. Would you recommend this to other mums?

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  • I would definitely recommend this duvet. I like the fact that it is anti-allergy, as my husband has asthma and I suffer with allergies, so we try to use anti-allergy products as much as possible.

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    It is great to store as it folds up and goes back in its packaging really easily, keeping it free from dust and cutting down on storage room, which with all the different bedding you end up with, is definitely an advantage! How did the product make your life easier? I really like this duvet. I normally use sleeping bags, and they would usually be my preference, but as duvets go, this one is great.

    It is easy to put in a cover, folds back into its packaging nicely and is easy to store. It also doesn't get all creased up, and making the cot bed is easy. Would you choose this product to win? I would choose this product for its anti-allergy feature, which has the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval. It is nice, tidy, and makes making the bed very easy. It is machine washable too, made in Britain, and has a five-year guarantee. It is also really good value for money.

    You have to buy so much bedding for little ones that this must be a consideration. What changes would you make to the product?

    The main issue that I have with this quilt is the same one that I would have with any duvet or blanket — that they tend not to stay on my little boy.

    This product is dispatched direct from our own milkandhoney warehouse. Further information If you are ordering many items please call us on and we may be able to offer you a discount on the delivery costs.

    I have found him lying upside down and diagonally across his cot though, so the only thing that really works for him is sleeping bags. That said, this duvet is great for warmer days and naps, as it matters less if he pushes it off. My son has loved his transition from a sleeping bag to a cot bed duvet with this product.

    I loved how it didn't smell bad coming out of the packaging, as some other duvets tend to, and it felt soft and cuddly to the touch. The duvet was well made and sealed well at all the corners, and the label wasn't too big so as to get in the way to disturb sleep, either, which is great.

    How did this product make your life easier? It feels nice and light but also cosy, meaning I don't need to worry about my son overheating, and it also fits the cot bed size duvets perfectly. One thing I have found is I can have a nice cup of tea in peace now as he is sleeping longer in the morning!

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  • Silentnight are such an amazing brand when it comes to things for the bed, and I would definitely choose this product above any others on the market on this ground alone. I have been really impressed with this duvet, and think it should win due to how soft and well made it is.

    We actually took the duvet to another house one night and because it was a good size, it was really easy to transport. The main issue that I have with this quilt is the same one that I would have with any duvet or blanket — that they tend not to stay on my little boy.

    My son now loves bedtime cuddling up in his new duvet. What changes would you make to this product? I am not sure I would change anything about this product. I believe it is a fair price for such a quality product. The only thing I may suggest is changing it from just a duvet and turning it into more of a cot bed set, including a nice cot bed pillow for the child, as I know Silentnight make great pillows as well.

    I would recommend this duvet for kids that are a "too warm" most of the time, like mine. Before, she used to fall asleep and kick the covers off, either because they were too heavy or too warm. This one, however, she seemed to like the most. It is also anti-allergic, for if your baby has sensitive or difficult skin, or breathing problems like asthma.

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  • I would recommend this duvet to other mums. The duvet is easy to clean, machine washable making it more hygienic and is easy to store, which is so important when you have children. We actually took the duvet to another house one night and because it was a good size, it was really easy to transport.

    cot bed duvet cover Cot bed duvet cover

    The duvet is a good thickness too, for a toddler. This duvet is machine washable and easy to clean, which makes my life much easier as a mum. The duvet is nice and warm, which is important, but not too thick, which is great when you are looking at safe sleeping regulations.

    I think this duvet is good value for money, primarily because the duvet is anti-allergy, which appeals to mums who have children that are sensitive to hay fever, asthma, etc. I love that the duvet is not too thick, as this is so important for safe sleeping guidelines. For these reasons I would pick this duvet over others on the market. After using and then washing the duvet a couple of times, I did find that it went a little flat, and I needed to fluff it up more to fit the duvet cover back on.

    This duvet has been the perfect thickness with the weather over the summer, but it could be a little thin once winter arrives, and may need an extra cover. It is a great price and is very lightweight, which was especially useful during the warmer summer nights.

    It fit perfectly within a cot bed with the sides still up. The stuffing inside is well spread out and still looks like new, even after using it for a while. Another feature I love about it is the ability to put it in the washing machine, as it fits perfectly and can be washed at 40 degrees, and then dries quickly after being left on airer to dry.

    This duvet comes ready to use and fits perfectly inside toddler bed duvet covers and within a cot bed with the sides still up.

    It gives added reassurance seeing as it is anti-allergenic, especially when bearing in mind the number of hours a toddler spends sleeping, particularly to the mum to a toddler who suffers from eczema! It washes really well and dries quickly, looking like new each time.

    I think I would. It fits perfectly into a cot bed with the sides up and allows my little one to feel snuggly and cosy whilst she sleeps. On the practical side it fits perfectly inside the washing machine, and can be washed at 40 degrees should any nighttime mishaps occur.

    The duvet is four tog too, and even though it feels a little lightweight, I'm sure even during colder winter nights it would keep my little one the right temperature. However, as I trialed it, I realised it was just as good a quality as all the others, and kept my little one warm and cosy during her sleep time, especially during the summer nights.



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