sleigh cot bed set argos Sleigh cot bed set argos
sleigh cot bed set argos Sleigh cot bed set argos

What we chose — In the end we opted for a moses basket from John Lewis and bought a stand separately from Aldi in their baby event.

I chose the basket we have based on the mattress that came with it, some you have to buy this separately and often those that are included are not good enough in my opinion so you would end up buying another anyway.

Also, this one came with a fitted sheet and light weight blanket — plus a tiny adorable teddy in the pocket of the blanket.

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  • There are two main contenders in this arena — cots and cotbeds. Cots — The typical lifespan for a cot is from birth if it will fit in your bedroom to approx 2 years, again this will depend on how big your baby is and when they reach their milestones.

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  • The sides of a cot are fixed in place although you can often lower the height of the mattress so that as your baby starts to stand up they will still have the protection of the side rails.

    Cot Beds — These are around about 20cm bigger than a cot, as a result everything is slightly bigger and therefore they last longer. As the name suggests they are both a cot and a bed, with at least one of the side panels being removable to turn it into a toddler bed. Depending on how tall your child is, you should be able to use a cot-bed in its bed format until around the age of 5.

    Happy with the purchase The Bradshaw bed features an attractive domestic appearance, manufactured with high quality wooden head rest, foot ends and full length integral wooden side rails. All B grade products are supported by a 6 month warranty.

    After this, you are probably ready for a regular single bed. One of my favourite cot beds is known as the Sleigh bed, it has a curved back and only one side comes off. Essentially turning it into a day-bed — most baby outlets stock it but we saw it first in John Lewis.

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  • We wanted something that would last for as long as possible without the need to have to buy again in 2 years time. We were actually very lucky and found our cot on Gumtree, being sold by a Grandma who had bought it for her grandchildren but never even built it.

    These will not hinder the functionality. Thank you for using Question and Answer. Yes, the BabyStart Bed Rail is foldable.

    Final thought — A mattress. No matter what you choose to sleep your baby in you are going to need to buy a mattress.

    sleigh cot bed set argos Sleigh cot bed set argos

    Some stores offer packages that include a mattress and as long as you are happy with the quality then this is often the best way to save a few pennies. One thing I would recommend is never ever buying a used mattress. Even though we bought our cot bed frame from Gumtree the mattress you see inside is brand new wrapper still on to keep it clean until we need it.

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    Simply flip it over and it becomes wipe clean for those accidents that are bound to happen.



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