cot bed covers argos Cot bed covers argos

Does this include a mattress? Hollie Hi Holly, No, a mattress is not included, a range of compatible x 70 mattresses can be viewed here: Jase Which is the best mattress to purchase with this?

Rachel Hi The best mattress will be a matter of personal choice the Cot accepts a mattress sized cm x 70cm a selection of which can be located here: Jase Do the tools required to assemble come with the product? If not, what is required?

Johnson Hi Johnson, I have checked and fixtures, fittings and allen keys come with it. You will only need screwdrivers and a ruler. Jules argos Do you have to anchor funiture to wall for safety? Does funiture have to be anchored to wall for safety if kids climb it. It is up to the customers discretion whether they decide to use the wall anchors provided.

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  • Eve Argos Description wrong? Why does this say the furniture is grey when the picture is white? Is the description wrong or are the pictures wrong? Nat Hi Nat, This catalogue number is for the white set as stated in the product title and it does indeed convert in to a cotbed. It also does convert to a cot bed. You get extra side pieces so you have to reassemble the bed when you are ready. The instruction show you what to do though.

    Ly Is this set the same colour as the ivory sets sold on the mamas and papas website? Meg Hi Meg, Ivory has a yellow undertone compared to white, so they won't be a match colour wise. Have a good day. Amy Argos Please can you tell me when this cot converts to a toddler bed do both ends need to be kept on or does one come off? Charlie Argos Does the cot fit the mamas and papas mattresses? You mention that the mattress size needs to be cm x 70cm but mamas and papas mattresses are cm x 69cm so would it still be compatible with a mamas and papas mattress?

    I hope this helps. Mollie Hello Mollie I would advise dimensions as follows: Height cm, Width 84 cm, Depth 53 cm Drawers: Sue Taylor-jones Does the cot come with a mattress?

    Exeter Hi there, A mattress is not included with this set. Edward argos Does the changing unit convert to a dresser once the changer is no longer needed? The grey unit is and just wondered if the white set is the same? Sarah Hi Sarah, I have contacted our supplier who have advised the following: Edward argos Do the Cot sides come down or are they fixed? Loop Hi there, The cot sides are fixed on this set. Lisa Argos What are the inside measurements of the changing table?

    I want to make sure the mat fits perfectly. I hope this helps: Charlie Argos Does the side of the cot come down? Also is the changing top removable? Smiley Hi, The changing table and cot sides are fixed. Lisa Argos Can the base of the cot lower ect or is it just one height? Jenny What size mattress should be used with this cost? Lisa Hi Lisa, The mattress size required for the set is cm x 70cm.

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  • Amy Argos What is the diameter of the hanging rails in the wardrobe please so I can get coathangers that will fit. Have a good day: Alice Argos What is the weight of the 3 pieces all together? Mouse88 Hi, This comes with a small safety strap to attach it to the fall so it doesn't easily fall over. Jenny Is the cot bed height adjustable? How many height settings are there? Conflicting answers in this section and no narrative in description From: Ascott Hi, Yes, the cot heights are adjustable, there are 3 heights.

    Charlie Argos Screw covers We have purchased and put together at the weekend the white Harrow set and are very pleased with it apart from it doesn't come with any screw covers and looks I'm slightly as the screws are brass and really stand out.

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    Could any one tell me if theirs are the same or has any one bought screw covers and where they got them from thanks From: Sue Taylor-jones Hi is the height on cot adjustable? And if so by how many settings?

    Sammy Hi, yes I think there's 3 settings for the height. Cadsy Hi Sammy, Yes, the cot height is adjustable, it has three settings. Charlie Argos Can you buy the drawers separately? I only need the Chester drawers with changing unit as I already have a wardrobe and cot. Emma Hi Emma, I have looked in to this for you. We do not stock the drawers seperately at present. I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Edward argos Will i be able to put in shelves in the wardrobe? Aa Hi Aa, The Wardrobe is not designed to have shelving, it is supplied with 2 hanging rails. JP Hi JP, I have contacted our supplier who have advised that the cotbed is compatible with the underbed storage drawer. Edward argos Does the changer top come off Does the changer top come off and is a spare normal top provided? The main mamas and papas range all come with the changer and normal drawers top From: Hope this is helpful.

    Annc Is this MDF or solid wood please? Lisa Argos Is the height on the cot adjustable?

    Edward argos Does the changing unit convert to a dresser once the changer is no longer needed? Part of the safari range of toys, playgyms and bouncers.

    Clare Hi, I have checked with the suppliers who advised the Harrow Cotbed has 3 positions. Jenny Does the wardrobe have shelves inside? I just wanted to know if the wardrobe has shelves inside for extra storage. Lrichards93 Hi Lrichards93, I've had a look and the wardrobe doesn't have shelves, it just has hanging rails.

    Nick argos Does the furniture fix to the wall for safety?

    cot bed covers argos Cot bed covers argos

    Amy Hello Amy, We are not advised this is for wall assembly. Melmck Hello melmck No, the mattress is not included with this 3 Piece Set - please see the link below for details of available mattresses: Sue Taylor-jones What tools are needed to put the furniture up? Or are the necessary tools included?

    I hope this is helpful: Samm argos Can you buy the cot by itself?? Vicky Hi Vicky, I've had a look and it doesn't look like we do. Nick argos What is the maximum weight of a child the cot bed will hold safely? Having checked this with the manufacturer, they advise that they do not normally specify a maximum weight that the cot bed will hold, only an age guideline as it will easily support the weight of children of up to that age.

    They advise it's suitable from birth to 4 years. Argoshelper73 Can the height of the cot be adjusted? To suit the baby's age? Samantha Hi there, I can confirm that the height of the cot bed can be adjusted.

    Clem argos Does this come in dark oak? Vicky What material this furniture is made of? Everything comes with a 12 months warranty from Argos. SamJx Yes this is solid wood By: I can confirm that this is made from Eucalyptus and Schima. Sue Taylor-jones Safely side rail When the cot is changed to the toddler bed can i use a safely rail on this cot and if so what brand can be used with it? Cozj Hi, After looking into this for you the toddler bed can have a safely rail on and it can be any brand.

    Jackie Hello is the changer top detachable? Dave argos What colour? Hello The title says it is white but in the description it says "this Mamas and Papas Set in relaxed grey" I'm confused as to what colour it is.

    Charlie Argos Barn here, Derry.

    Mothercare Mothercare is undertaking a voluntary recall of the Mothercare My First Keys due to a risk of the battery compartment coming off and exposing the button cell battery. Part of the popular Safari range from Red Kite which includes toys and playgyms. I noticed the title says white but in the description it says it is 'relaxed grey'.



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