baby cot bed for twins Baby cot bed for twins
Another best buy were the activity gyms — they played with those right up to being 8 months! The concern was that they will breath in each others carbon dioxide which we breath out but as long as you leave a gap between them I would not worry and as with all statistics it does depend on who you speak to, what you read and where and how they were written. If your babies are born prematurely, they will not follow the 'normal' pattern of sleep development according to their birth age.

January 11, Leander and Stokke, both cots are Scandinavian contemporary design; simple, safe, functional and would make a beautiful piece of furniture for any home. But which one is for you!? Both beds are award winning evolving bed.

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  • It moves, grows and develops, just like your child. The cot beds are made from forest friendly solid beech in a iconic Scandinavian functional design. Both are easy to assemble and use and is safe for your baby. With two such great beds, which one to choose for your baby?

    It had to be functional, sleek and contemporary to fit into the Scandinavian home.

    baby cot bed for twins Baby cot bed for twins

    And not only does it look stylish, the Leander is truly value for money too! Start by using the bed with the bottom and sides placed in baby position. When your baby starts to move around, lower the bottom of the bed.

    When you child is ready to get out of bed unassisted, you can remove the sides of the bed. When the bed becomes too short, simply change the sides and base of the bed with the junior kit that is included when purchasing the Leander. When the bed no longer is used as a bed, it can be used as a smart sofa in the teenage room or elsewhere in your home. In total the Leander has 5 steps or functions if you like, as seen below.

    baby cot bed for twins Baby cot bed for twins

    Not included in the price is the baby and junior mattress, mattress topper, sheets, bumper and guard rails for the junior bed. You can find your nearest Leander retailer at leander. Launched in , the award winning Sleepi by the Norwegian company Stokke is beautiful to look at and designed to make the transition into the world a softer experience for your newborn child.

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  • The cot is oval in design, with soft curves, and no rough edges or corners. A big plus is that Stokke Sleepi Mini is fitted with lockable wheels that allow you to easily move your crib to accompany you into different rooms within your home. The base has adjustable height position which makes it easier to lift your baby, before lowering it as soon as they become more moveable.

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  • The sides are removable, so you can open it up. For an extra cost the bed can also be extended to create a Junior Bed — ad the bed could last up to approx. When outgrown use as a daybed or transform it into two stylish chairs. Full dimensions for the baby crib are: Choose from 3 colours; white, natural, walnut brown.

    Not included in the price is the junior extension. Also available as extras is the baby and junior mattress, mattress cover, sheets, drape rod and canopy used for the cot. You can find your nearest Stokke retailer at stokke.

    Leander has the Junior extension included in the price. Furthermore, the length of the junior bed varies, with Leander being cm long and recommended up to age 7 years and the Stokke is cm long and recommended up to age 10 years.

    Stokke has only 3 colours to choose from, whereas Leander has 4, to match your overall interior scheme. Another important functional difference is the wheels on the Stokke Sleepi which many tends to appreciate as you can move the cot with you around the house. Quality wise they are both known to be exceptional.

    To narrow it down for you, here are the pros and cons.

    The bumpers on the bed might look comforting but they can be harmful causing suffocation. Mrs Koupparis said she heard a noise, described as "a funny cry, not a normal cry", coming from the room where the twins were sleeping. Do ask for help if you need it.

    Stokke — — The Junior extension is not included in the price, but needs to be bought separately. Leander — — Just a little bit more expensive than the Stokke Sleepi, even when taking the extra junior kit for the Stokke into consideration. What do you think?

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    And what you think is important when choosing a cot for your newborn? Do share your thoughts and any experience you may have by leaving a comment below! On a side note: Stokke used to be a Norwegian company, but was in sold to a South Korean company to expand further growth. We would still regard the Sleepi to be a fine example of Scandinavian design furniture for children.



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